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Jump down to our KIDS MENU

P I A N O  P I A N O

S N A C K S/ S P U N T I N O 

Olives & Marcona Almonds Rosemary, Citrus, Cumin, Caraway  9

Fior di Latte Dru’s Hot Honey, Toast  9

Crispy Chicken Saltimbocca Taleggio, Pancetta, Sage  9

Stracciatella & Boquerones Charmoula, Toast  9

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Frittelle Prosciutto, Rosemary  9

Lardo Finocchio  Gnocchi Fritti  9

San Daniele Mortadella Pepperoncini, Toast  9

The Silver Platter Selection of Salumi et Formaggio served on a beautiful silver platter to share   49

A P P e t i z e r s / a n t i p a s t i

Caesar Salad Boquerones, Pork Belly, Grilled Romaine, Radicchio, Endive, Crouton  18

Chopped Salad Salami, Olives, Feta, Brussel Sprouts, Oregano, Crisp Polenta, Dandelion  18

Calamari Fritti Lemon, Chili, Parsley  17

Smoked Burrata  Roasted Tomato, Garlic, Basil, Pesto, Toast 19

Wood Fired Mushrooms Greens, Parmigiano, Pancetta, Balsamic Vinegar di Modena  18

Berkshire Proscuitto Charred Grapes, Parmigiano, Sweet Garlic  18


P i z z a / p i z z a

The Pretty Woman Fior di Latte, Tomato, Caper, Parmigiano, Black Olive, Red Onion, Anchovy, Sicilian Oregano  22

The Bitter  Fior di Latte, Parmigiano, Dandelion, Kale, Garlic, Chili, Lemon 22

The Smokey Bear  Fior di Latte, Tomato, Smoked Mozzarella, Speck, Black Pepper, Nutmeg  22

The Fun Guy  Ricotta, Parmigiano, Crimini Mushrooms, Roasted Onions, Arugula22

The Spicy Sicilian Fior di Latte, Tomato, Parmigiano, Spicy ‘Nduja, Sicilian Oregano  22


P a s t a / m a c a r o n i

Bucatini Carbonara  Pancetta, Egg Yolk, Parmigiano, Black Pepper  16/24

Mushroom Cavatelli  Truffle Scented Oyster Mushroom, Parmigiano 16/24

Egg Yolk Raviolo  Spinach, Ricotta, Parmigiano, Brown Butter  16/24

Potato Gnocchi Lemon, Chili, Chive, Garlic, Parmigiano   16/24

Canestri alla Vodka  Tomato, Chili, Mascarpone, Parmigiano, Spicy Pork ‘Nduja  16/24

Ravioli con Bolognese   Ricotta, Parmigiano, Pork, Beef  16/24

Rigatoni Sunday Gravy   Spicy Italian Sausage, Tomato, Oregano, Parmigiano  16/24

Meatballs 1/2 Pound Meatballs, Tomato, Chili, Basil, Parmigiano, Toast 22


M a i n s / c a r n e  e  p e s c e

Grilled Seabass Chimichurri, Salt & Vinegar Potato, Greens   28

Braised Short Ribs Russet Potato, Gnocchi, Chive, Mushroom  28

Bone-In Veal Parmesan  Fior di Latte, Tomato, Spicy Soppressata, Basil  29

Brick Chicken (For Two)  Creamy Polenta, Chicken Leg Cacciatore, Olives, Parmigiano  48

20oz Canadian Prime Ribeye  Roasted Mushrooms, Parmigiano, Fries  79

Grilled Octopus (For Two)  Grilled Dandelion, Lemon, Mint, Basil  65


F A M I L Y / F A M I G L I A

Family Style Menu   Selection of house favourite dishes from main menu shared by all guests   45/per person

For a sample family style menu please click here.


S i d e s / c o n t o r i n i

Rapini  Spicy Pork 'Nduja, Lemon, Chili, Garlic, Parmigiano  9

Brussels Fritti  Garlic, Lemon, Chili, Parmigiano  9

Russet Potato Fries  Malt Mayonnaise  9

Roasted Cauliflower Tahini, Yogurt, Chili, Garlic  9

Garlic Cheese Bread  Mozzarella, Parmesan, Rosemary, Oregano  8


D e s s e r t / d o l c e

Brown Butter Soft Serve Ice Cream Dulce de Leche, Maldon Salt, Cookie  8

Nutella Tiramisu  Coffee, Cocoa, Mascarpone, Brown Butter  9

Lemon Cheese Cake  Goat Cheese, Mascarpone, Cream Cheese  10

Ginger Carrot Cake (For Two)  Vanilla Ice Cream, Rum Raisins, Spicy Pecans, Crema Fresca  19

Tiny Sweets Cannoli, Tortone, Chocolate Budino, Chocolate Truffle  4/each



Please click here to view the full menu.

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K I D S  M E N U

This menu was specially designed by Chef Victor Barry, Nikki Leigh McKean and Certified Nutritionist, Danielle Binns. Because we believe that all restaurants can have fun, healthy, delicious options for our children.

H A P P Y  T R A Y s

Choice of 3 items from the list below  12

·       Mary’s Gluten Free Crackers & Guacamole

·       Veggie Sticks + Hummus

·       Mozzarella Cheese Cubes

·       Baked Broccoli

·       Roasted Root Vegetable Fries

·       Roasted Bite-sized Chicken

·       Mini Beef Meatballs w/ tomato sauce

·       Organic Blueberries

·       Fruit Skewer

C L A S S I C S 

PIZZA MARGHERITA 12 + choice of one side from above

Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil

PASTA MACARONI  12 + choice of one side from above

Choice of Tomato, Bolognese or Butter & Parmesan Cheese


Chocolate Chia Pudding  4

Homemade Apple Sauce 4

Soft-serve Ice Cream  4


DON'T FORGET: All kids meals include a drink of your choice

Milk, Chocolate Milk, Almond Milk, Lactose-Free Milk, Juice Box, Water

T A K E  i t  H O M E

Take home a EZPZ ‘Happy Mat’ (pictured above) 30


Please click here to view the full menu.